Paolo Rocca

After receiving his clarinet Diploma, between 1986 and 1988 he is in London where he specializes in chamber music with Jack Brymer (First clarinet of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and BBC Orchestra) and with Vincenzo Mariozzi (First clarinet, Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Rome). Between 1989 and 1992 he is first prize in the competition for the chair of first clarinet in the Orchestra Giovanile Acadya in Neuchatel (Switzerland), and with them he tours several European countries (Germany , Belgium, Austria, France) with an operistic, symphonic and chamber repertoire . During the '90s, his passion for folklore leads him to further his studies in popular music traditions (patron saints' fêtes in the center and South of Italy, Tarantelle of the Romany people of the Abruzzo region, tammuriate of the Sinti of the Vesuvius), which become the inspiring material for several recordings and collaborations, such as "La Via dei Romei" with A. Sparagna, "Zingari" and "Mr. Romanò" with the group Acquaragia Drom, "Suono e Terra" with the Sestetto Moderno. Around that time the Sestetto Moderno records for and performs on "Radiotrè Suite" and "La Stanza della musica" (RAI Radio). His collaboration with the Gaudeamus Quartet of the Brasov Filarmonica (Rumania) is a chance to deepen his research of the popular Rumanian repertoire and of the Rumanian Romany people. With ethnomusicologist Erasmo Treglia, he founds the group "Taraf da Metropolitana", with which he collaborates as musician and executive producer for the CD "Prossima fermata Colosseo". In 2001, he becomes a member of the Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra, with which he participates as musician and actor in numerous musical and theatrical productions, such as"Il violinista sul tetto" (Fiddler on the Roof),

"Kavanà", "Oylem Goylem" (DVD), "Es iz Amerike?", "Konarmiya"and "Canto del popolo ebreo massacrato" (winner of RAI Prix Italia). From 2004 to 2009, he performs with the Movies Trio in important theatres around Italy and at the prestigious Dom Musiki of Moscow (CD Movies Trio plays Morricone). Together with virtuoso of the "organetto" Fiore Benigni, he forms the Duo Rocca Benigni, recording the CD of the same name which was featured as album of the week by the RAI Radio program "Fahrenheit". The Duo performs at important festivals in Italy and abroad (Switzerland, Poland , Albania e Spain). In september 2012, he was awarded his Diploma in Jazz Studies by the Conservatorio Morlacchi of Perugia.
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