Albert Florian Mihai

Albert Florian Mihai was born in Rumania in 1976, into a family of Romany Gypsy musicians. His father, an accordionist, gives him his first toy accordion at the age of five. On this instrument, Albert begins playing and making music "by ear".

At the age of 10, he is playing at weddings, making his first earnings. He goes on to play with the largest and most prestigious ensembles in the country.

He soon decides to travel through western Europe, in order to play and meet with other musicians and musical realities: Venice, Rome, Naples, Paris and then Germany, Spain and Holland, contribute to the enrichening of his musical culture and his life experience.

He settles in Rome, where he often plays in the subway, forming the Quartetto Taraf de Metropolitana with a group of his own countrymen and with which he becomes well known for his virtuosity and intense interpretations. He goes on to work on TV, both for Rai and Mediaset channels; he is seen on the programs of Serena Dandini and Claudio Bisio.

Finally, his natural acting talents and musical flair land him a permanent place in Moni Ovadia's TheaterOrchestra.
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