Rabinovich & Popov - Story

"Jewish and Orthodox Russians live side by side in the great USSR"

Rabinovich e Popov are the two most common names of the Russian Jew and the Orthodox Russian. At the time of the Soviet Union they were Comrade Popov and Comrade Rabinovich. Their relationship was always one of great passions, marked by contrasting feelings: admiration, distrust, hte, solidarity, love anger but always a fatal attraction.

Carlo Boccadoro and Moni Ovadia, each in their own fashion, represent a Popov and a Rabinovich who, on a smal stage, with music, song, and humorous stories, draw a rhapsodic sketches of the epic and tragic times of an Atlantis called the USSR. Ovadia sings of the women and men who lived, loved, hoped and suffered in that land of Atlantis. Women and men, not robots and bureaucrats, as today's TV revisionism would have us believe. Live, pulsing people, whose memory is also our memory.



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