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Le storie del Signor Keuner (2006) - Playbill

by Roberto Andò and Moni Ovadia



>> Moni Ovadia (the Exhibit Curator)

>> Lee Colbert (The legendary Expressionist Singer)

>> Ivo Bucciarelli (The Custodian with the radio)

>> Roman Siwulak (the Kantorian Artifact)

>> Maxim Shamkov (The Marchand d'Art from the Russian mafia)


>> Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra:

>> Luca Garlaschelli (double bass)

>> Massimo Marcer (trumpet)

>> Albert Mihai (accordion)

>> Vincenzo Pasquariello (piano)

>> Paolo Rocca (clarinet)

>> Janos Hasur (violin)

>> Marian Serban (cymbalom)

>> Emilio Vallorani (flutes/percussion)


>> Roberto Andò e Moni Ovadia (direction)

>> Gianni Carluccio (scenography)

>> Elisa Savi (costumes)

>> Gigi Saccomandi (light designer)

>> Mauro Pagiaro (sound)

>> Gabriele Tesauri (assistent director)



>> Arena del Sole

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