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Il violinista sul tetto (2002) - (Fiddler on the Roof) - Playbill

by and with Moni Ovadia

From a story by Sholem Aleichem, by gracious permission of Arnold Perl.

music by Jerry Block - Traditional Russian and Jewish dances



>> Moni Ovadia (TEVYE,  the milkman)

>> Lee Colbert (GOLDE, his wife)

>> Elena Sardi (TZEITEL, the eldest daughter)

>> Giada Lorusso (HODEL, the second daughter)

>> Federica Armillis (KHAVE, the youngest daughter)

>> Daniela Terreri (YENTE, the Matchmaker)

>> Enrico Fink (MOTEL, the Tailor)

>> Eyal Lerner (PERCIK, the Revolutionary)

>> Iljia Popov (LEIZER WOLF, the Butcher)

>> Roman Siwulak (His Excellency, the Zar's police officer)

>> Alessandro Bertollini (FYEDKA, a Russian youth)

>> Massimo Marcer (MORDCKHA, the Innkeeper - trumpt)

>> Janos Hasur (RABBI, the Rabbi - violin)

>> Luca Garlaschelli (MENDEL, his son - bass)

>> Emilio Vallorani (AVRUM, the bookseller - flute)

>> Vincenzo Pasquariello (NAKHUM, the Beggar - piano)

>> Paolo Rocca (VILLAGER, clarinet)

>> Stefano Corradi (VILLAGER, abitante del villaggio - clarinetto basso)

>> Albert Mihahi ((VILLAGER, accordion)

>> Mykola Badrak (Russian peasant,orthodox Jew - dancer)

>> Maksin Shamkov (Russian peasant,orthodox Jew - dancer)

>> Sergiy Kabanov (Russian peasant,orthodox Jew - dancer)

>> Igor Kryvusha (Russian peasant,orthodox Jew - dancer)

>> Yuriy Tarasov (Russian peasant,orthodox Jew - dancer)



>> Moni Ovadia (direction)

>> Gianni Carluccio (scenography)

>> Elisa Savi (costume design)

>> Gigi Saccomandi (light design)

>> Mauro Pagiaro (sound)

>> Elisabeth Boeke  (coreography)



>> L'Artistica

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