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Uno spasimo utopico (2008) - Playbill

Recital by and with Moni Ovadia



>> Moni Ovadia and the Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra


A theatrical narration by a charlatan in the grip of a utopic spasm: to cause the reemergence of a buried humanity from under the blind and brutal willpower which has submerged it. Words, songs, sounds, music, gestures and jests in an atypical voyage whose purpose is to let the root of Jewish exile from Yiddishkeit in Italy bloom and grow, a voyage to discover that world so far from us in time and space is extremely near to all vagabond souls, wherever they may be.

An obstinate search which uses the only legitimate instruments allowing access to a non-threatening truth: the smuggling of identity, the pietas of artifice and the use of authentic fiction. A show about the atypical and totally original creative itinerary of the artist Moni Ovadia.




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