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Ultima forma di libertà, il silenzio (1993) - Playbill

A project by Moni Ovadia and Studio Azzurro inspired by the poetic works

of Yannis Ritsos and the ruins of Gibellina

Gibellina, 12th Edition of the "Orestiadi"



>> Moni Ovadia 

>> Enrico Stassi

>> Nino Ciaravino

and with Eugenio Bennato, Arnaldo Vacca, Piero Lodice, Mario Castigla, Franco Castiglia, Francesca El Kozeh, Silvia Cozzolino and the elder citizens of Gibellina


and the musicians:

>> Davide Casali

>> Maurizio Dehò

>> Alfredo Lacosegliaz

>> Gian Pietro Marazza


>> Moni Ovadia e Paolo Rosa (directors, dramatists)

>> Paolo Rosa e Fabio Cirifino (video project and location design)

>> Alberto Chiesa (costumes and scenography)

>> Enrico Bagnoli (lights)

Afredo Lacosegliaz (music)



>> CRT Artificio Milano


At the foot of the enormous "cretto" with its great clefts, is an image through which there runs a deep fissure. Under it, buried and mute, lay the remains of Belice's tragedy. The "cracked image" seems to encourage a revelation of voices, gestures, stuccos, stones and, especially, eyes. Sequences of looks exchanged among the old people of Gibellina, together with images of mouths welded closed by silence, empty of words with an emptiness like "bumps on cloth, like merchants' sacks, you can already guess the content from the outside: potatoes, onions, corn or flour...". Thus quotes Ritsos in the text of this piece, whose intention is less theatrical and more that of an intense flow of memory.



E dai ruderi di Gibellina si leva il canto della poesia

by Giovanni Raboni

Il Corriere della Sera - 19 september 1993

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